Top 10 cleaning & care tips

Rest easy on your Eva Last deck this summer!

One of the reasons Eva-Last has become one of the most requested and specified composite brands on the African continent is because it is unbelievably easy to clean and care for. Really, it is!

Timber should be sanded and varnished annually; Eva-Last needs no sanding, sealing or varnishing! So you’ll be saving on labour and valuable time as well as costly (not to mention environmentally-UNfriendly) products and chemicals. Spend time relaxing on your deck rather than time working on it!

Cleaning & Care

Eva-Last®’s top 10 cleaning & care tips

  1. Always try and maintain a deck that is dry and clean.
  2. The best way to keep your deck free from stubborn stains is to clean them off as soon as they occur. Oil, grease and food should be removed as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t let organic matter build up on your deck. Leaves and sticks that get stuck in gaps inhibit ventilation, natural movement and retain moisture.
  4. Use a high pressure hose (with fan tip) once a month to keep your deck looking its best. Remember to keep the hose at least 300mm away from the surface when spraying.
  5. Direct downward gutters away from your deck.
  6. Soil beneath your deck should be porous to eliminate standing water.
  7. Use a splat mat underneath your braai area to help protect your deck from fatty marks and stains.
  8. Apply floor protectors underneath the feet and legs of your furniture to avoid marks and scratches being transferred to your deck. These are inexpensive and can be bought at most hardware stores.
  9. Pick up objects when moving them rather than dragging them along your deck.
  10. Maintaining a healthy, clean pool and making sure your pool has balanced levels will ensure the water will have little to no effect on your deck’s surface.

For more information on how to easily care for your wood-plastic composite deck, click the following link Eva-Last Cleaning & Care Guide.